The Science Behind Manifestation: Does the Law of Attraction Work?

How often have you heard someone tell you that all it takes to make your dreams come true is to

How often have you heard someone tell you that all it takes to make your dreams come true is to change your thoughts and beliefs? Does this sound too good to be true to you? It certainly does to me at times. While at times it might sound like a mystical power and wishful thinking, I have to admit that there is actual science behind the law of attraction. It takes more than willpower and positive thinking. Taking the right actions and developing specific thought patterns and beliefs is what will help you to experience the reality you want to live in and feel the emotions you choose to feel. 

What Does Manifestation Mean?

Before we look at the science behind manifestation, let’s develop a general understanding of what the term means. Manifestation refers to a physical sign that something is happening or being solidified in reality. Manifestation essentially means to bring something tangible into your life through attraction and your belief system. It’s not enough to have superficial thoughts, you actually need to truly believe that you will be able to turn your dreams into reality. That means that you need to be able to visualize and experience how it would look like to achieve specific goals. The reason for that is your nervous system. Manifestation is a holistic approach to goal setting through adapting your mindset and behaviors. It means bringing your dreams into reality by ‘living’ your goals. 

Manifestation is often used interchangeably with the ‘Law of Attraction’. This proposes that if we think and live in a particular way, our dreams are attracted to us. As you put positivity out into the world, you get positive results back.

Your magical Superpower: Your Nervous System

Let’s start with some basics. The nervous system consists of the central nervous system: the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system: cranial, spinal, and peripheral nerves

The entire nervous system is what allows us to have a holistic experience as human begins. This is what allows us to feel, think, do, and be. It is important to understand that in order to develop the ability to manifest ideas into reality, you need to think, feel, do, and be what you want your reality to look like. 

Let’s say you would like to start a non-profit organization that benefits homeless people, but you have rarely worked with homeless people. Nor are you a person that donates money to organizations that help homeless people. If you are honest, this idea comes from your need to raise your social status to gain access to a specific club that requires you to do volunteer work. No matter how much you want to manifest your project’s success, you are not going to be successful with it. The reason for it is apparent.

Manifesting isn’t a shortcut.

Manifesting isn’t a shortcut to make a need or wish come true.

It is an alignment of your belief system, your actions, feelings, and intentions. It is not a religious practice but can be compared to the practices of praying or visualizations. Through visual or verbal repetition, your brain creates new neural pathways that will increase your ability to succeed with your intentions. The more you go through the motions in your mind, the more you start manifesting. That is the science behind “neuroplasticity.” Research shows that we grow neural pathways not just through physical practices but also through visualization. Your neurons grow through any kind of practice. Practicing focus makes you more attentive. If you practice playing the violin, you become more proficient in it. If you practice procrastination or focus on pessimism or any negative feelings, you will grow new circuits to make those circuits three thousand times more efficient.

That means that you are always manifesting in your nervous system, whether you are aware of it or not. Whether you are calling it manifestation or not. Our nervous system is programmed to align our outer world to our inner state of self. That means that you see the world the way you want to see it, based and evaluated on your internal beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

Why it is not enough to just believe that your dream will come true?

At times, some thought leaders are mystifying your ability to achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality through terms such as manifestation. It sounds a lot more powerful than talking about your neurons and your brain. Unfortunately, this also portrays the general issue that we see in our societies: The disconnect between body and mind and the contradictory belief of empowering others. 

We can’t empower others because we all have the same abilities. It is true that some have more fortunate outer circumstances than others, but generally speaking, you own your own power. And it is up to you to step into your power and use your abilities to turn your dreams into reality. You and only you control your mind and the way to see your environment. 

So, yes, I believe that you can manifest your dreams by taking action, changing your thought patterns, and re-calibrating your emotions by strengthening positive neural pathways. That will allow you to think not just more positively -which helps you to cultivate grit-, but be more creative. Creativity is not just the ability of artistic thinking but the ability to solve problems and see problems as opportunities. It is about cultivating a mindset that enjoys solving puzzles instead of being frustrated by them. 

The Law of Attraction

Some people will disagree with this, but you do attract what you believe in because your beliefs reflect in your actions and body language. So, if you are cultivating a positive mindset, a mindset of hope and opportunity, you will be vibrating with positive energy. Smiling comes easy to you. Cheering for others and congratulating them on their successes brings you joy. And you see the world as a place of opportunity and not pain. Those are just a few results of a mindset that practices manifestation. 

Research shows that positive and optimistic people attract others. And the more people believe in you and your cause, the more chances you have to turn your crazy big dreams into reality. And let’s be honest, who wants to be around grouchy people that easily criticize and too often are incapable of enjoying the moment for what it is? 

What can you do to start manifesting your dreams?

  1. For one, develop a regular sleeping schedule. Your brain cleans itself during the night by washing out debris that is floating around. This waste is being built up during the day when your brain consumes high amounts of energy. Debris is mostly a leftover protein that can form clumps that are toxic to our brain if not processed and washed out through our lymphatic system.  That means if you don’t sleep enough your brain doesn’t get the chance to wash itself out. Which leads to debris buildup or, in other words, brain fog. Over time, as research shows, this is one of the precursors to dementia and losing connective functions.
  1. Practice gratitude – this doesn’t just strengthen your immune system but also allows you to recover quicker from difficult events. Generally speaking, practicing any form of positivity will allow you to succeed quicker in turning your ideas into reality. 
  1. Light up your peace region in your brain through practices that help you produce oxytocin in your body. This can be anything from listening to music, hugging, mindful meditation, movement, and joyful curiosity. 
  1. Set achievable and measurable goals. Having clear goals that you can envision and setting achievable stepping stones is necessary to turn your dreams into reality. Wishing that you will become a millionaire isn’t something that can be manifested. But you can manifest the individual steps which you need to take in order make your dreams come true.
  1. Have a clear vision. Developing a purpose and a vision for your life will help you set the right intentions. You need to understand why you want to achieve your goals. 

Manifestation is not just a belief!

Unfortunately, manifestation is a commonly misunderstood subject: Too many portray manifestation as if believing in something intensely enough, it will naturally happen. 

Manifestation is more complex than this. The science behind manifestation is based on the impact of positive thinking on positive action and the importance of habitual action on our goals through visualization, journaling, repetitive actions, and other techniques. It all comes down to neuroplasticity which is the ability of your brain to grow, change and adapt by reorganized synaptic connections and growing of dendritic spines.

Next time before you start a new project, make sure to take the time to imagine how it is going to look like, which skills you need, and start preparing your brain for the next steps. It is similar to training your muscles for a marathon,

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  • Hey so I was wondering if it’s possible to change your appearance using the law of attraction? Something like genetic possibly? I hope it’s not impossible..

    • Dear Joanna, I have been thinking about your question for a long time. I am sure that you are absolutely beautiful and you seem like a very kind person. The law of attraction is not designed to change anything. It rather helps you to change the way you think and based on that live life based on what you want to achieve.

    • Hey. Am not sure about the genetics. But i came across a lot of manifestation coaches on YouTube that says yes u can . Though i Haven’t tried it but i feel like we can .


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