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Leadership coaching for women

Hi I’m
Dr. Kinga Mnich

Social-Psychologist, Consultant, Educator & Speaker

I help high-achievers & leaders transform their mind & surrounding by leveraging the power of emotions

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Knowing yourself through science
The Ziva Way

Executive Coaching for Women is more than becoming a better leader, it is about conquering what's holding you back while becoming the person you want to be.


i help high-Achievers & Leaders
attain the freedom & sustainable success they want

You have found yourself feeling stuck and lost sight of whats behind the horizon. It’s time to take the step and emerge anew. Reconnecting with yourself and your purpose by becoming powerful within yourself through the use of science based approaches, such as Positive Psychology and Social Psychology in practice

You are exhausted by fulfilling all your duties, your overwhelming desire to change the world and presenting the most impressive version of yourself. You know that you need to change something.

And it starts by trusting your emotions, finding alignment and flow again. 

I will help you expand your mindset towards success, confidence, connection, self-awareness & leadership so you can gain your power to start living the life you want while leading others.


“A self-assured woman who is in control of her life draws like a magnet. She is so filled with positive energy that people want to be around her.”

- Susan Jeffers

The Ziva Way Philosophy transforms Your Life & Business with Positive Psychology

The Ziva Way is the story of finding one’s path and creating relevance in life and business. It is a philosophy and a tool that helps you develop the courage to stand up for what fulfills you and create impact. It is the story of women like you and me. Women that lead and are impact-driven.

The Ziva Way is a process of overcoming your fears and learning to live life on your terms, while leading others. You will understand your motivation, gain clarity and walk away with a set of positive psychology tools to ensure success, feeling gratitude and achievement


Discover Your Why, Your Values & Your Mission

I understand that you might like to experience The Ziva Way within a group setting or on a smaller scale first.

That’s why I am offering workshops in person and online on a regular basis.

As well as my signature 12-week one-one coaching program to get you motivated and up and running. 

the ziva way


Meet like minded people and start building the network you need to become the leader you want to be and build the the multi-income business that you are envisioning . 


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Women entrepreneuership

I'm Kinga Mnich.

Impact Coach, Social-Psychologist & Emotion Spezialist,  Entrepreneur, Change Maker and your Accountability Partner

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Grab Your Guide- 

Habit Tracker Worksheet

In this guide, I reveal 3 game changers that will help you clarify your message and become the leader you envision to be. 

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Grab Your Guide- 

High Performance Activity Planner

In this guide, I help you structure your multipassionate dreams into achievable goals . Create a daily, weekly, and monthly strategy to track your progress and create success.

Grab Your Guide- 

Path to Clarity & Confidence

In this guide, I reveal 10 simple steps to building confidence and achieving your goals. You will also get exclusive access to my #1 tip for creating more clarity and emotional balance in your life.