How to be an authentic leader!!!

In this post I reveal what you’ll learn in my upcoming training: How to be an Authentic Leader and Influence the World

How to be an authentic leader!!!

More than ever, people are looking for leaders and influencers than can pave the way through these uncharted waters. People like you and me that understand where fear is coming from, but know that it is necessary to dive into this new adventure.

And what an adventure this is. We know that things will change once we have the correct course, but we don’t know-how. We don’t know how this change is going to affect the rest of our lives. The ‘HOW’ represents the uncertainty and fear in us. It activates negative memories and rings like an alarm system in our head that makes us run around like headless chickens. Does that sound familiar?! This inability to focus on one thing for longer than 5 min without wanting to start the next one simultaneously. Or even worse, that feeling that makes you freeze and hope that it all is just a bad dream?!

Well, I understand where you are coming from, but I also have to tell you that you need to take a deep breath and remember why you are doing what you are doing: Why did you decide to step out of your comfort zone and inspire others? Why did you join the movement of becoming a leader and influencer? What are the reasons that others follow you?

Yes, grief is part of the current situation. Still, we have to fulfill our responsibility to inspire, lead, and continue with the work that we have started – The commitment to make this world a better place because you want to contribute and leave a positive mark in this world.

Congratulations on that. I find it so inspiring to meet people like you that allowed themselves to feel and hear their more profound calling. It’s not a comfortable journey. I can personally pledge that, but it is a beautiful one. Mainly because it is an adventure, and we are all about the experience.

Being a leader isn’t easy, especially because leaders need to inspire, they need to build a base that keeps them grounded no matter how strong the storm is.

What can we learn from authentic leaders have in common?

Leaders such as Richard Branson, Oprah, Gandhi, Jena Kutcher have in common is quite simple. Authentic and successful leaders have firstly clear message, that is measurable. Secondly, they focus on high-leverage behavior that entails 2-3 vital actions that will have the most significant impact on change. And lastly, effective leaders also engage in the six sources of influence.

Have I made you curious and you would like to dive in deeper into the topic on how to be a authentic leader?!

In that case join me live April, 30th for a live webinar on ‘How to Become an Authentic Leader and Influence the World with Kinga Mnich’

Grab a spot and register through the following link:


Free Webinar on How to become an authentic leader and influence the world.

See you there!!!



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