4 Must-have tools for your online business

In this blog I give the four must-have tools that have changed the way I do business. You need to get these resources now.

4 Must-have tools for your online business

As a solopreneur business can be tricky at times, especially when everything is running well and you start having more clients. Managing and staying on top of all your projects, to-do lists, accounting, ideas, requests, and the need to grow your business can become an overwhelming experience quickly.

Biggest Mistake That You Can Make in Business

One of the biggest mistakes that many entrepreneurs do is not developing a management structure that will allow them to grow and develop their business in a sustainable matter. One of the reasons for that can be the lack of confidence and not believing in your ability to build a business in the first place, just to wake up one day and realize that you have signed over 40 clients and you feel overwhelmed and burned out. The second mistake that many entrepreneurs make is to believe that a management structure will involve itself- it can’t be that difficult, right?

Well, it is not that difficult, but you have to do it right from the beginning. I have started keeping track of projects, invoices, expenses, and clients with excel. That worked well till I realized that I need to send out portfolios, past project examples, project plans, questionnaires, reminders for unpaid invoices, and so on.

2019 became the year of automatization and creating a better organizational structure for my business. 

These are my top 4 business tools that make my life easier and allowed me to grow my business.

1. Bublup - more than cloud storage

Do you know the feeling of sitting in front of your computer and not remembering if you have stored a document or link in your dropbox, google keep, iCloud, notes, or just somewhere else? And how annoying is it to know that you have saved it up somewhere, but you don’t remember anymore where. 

Bublup created a solution for me. One platform that allows me to save everything on it from photos to website links, audio files, documents, and notes. But that is not the only thing that makes this platform and app so enjoyable. The interface is very intuitive and especially useful for solopreneurs, digital nomads, photographers, and everyone who offers online services.  

A bonus feature on Bublup is the roll feature. Create an instant webpage from your Bublup folders. Customize them easily into beautiful stories and collections of your content, including links, photos, videos, GIFs, notes, PDFs, and other files. 

Curious?! Follow the link bublup.com/promo/kinga and receive 100Gb free storage. 

Benefits: One place to store all your information and be able to organize them quickly. I can create personalized portfolios for potential clients without having to create a new page on my website — the perfect tool to grow your business and share your work with your team. 

2. Honeybook

Honey book is a business management software that allows you to manage your projects systematically, send out invoices, questionnaires, and contracts. The system helps you to ensure that your content is branded. I love the professional look of my new business documents and enjoy the simplicity of the software. 


Benefits: The Honeybook support team has transferred my questionnaires and templates already into the system. I have access templates such as contracts, agreements, brochures, and more, which can be quickly adapt to my business needs. 

3. Over

Absolutely a MUST-HAVE for entrepreneurs that are working in the digital space and need to showcase their work online. Over allows you to design your Social Media posts, flyers, posters, and stories. But it is far beyond a regular design tool. It will enable you to create modern logos and build a visually beautiful brand. Spread your brand from YouTube covers, Pinterest pins, blog post images to Instagram story highlights; it has everything you need to make a visual impression. And the best part is that they are expanding their product line and will be soon accessible on your internet browser. 

But for now, please enjoy the app 


Benefits: I have preset templates for social media graphics. I can easily access free stock-photography whenever I run out of photos and have access to tones of ready to go graphics, quotes, and stories. It is one of the biggest time-savers in my business. 

4. Later

Later is more than just a visual Social Media planner. Yes, you can schedule posts, lay them out in a grid to ensure that the photos go well together and preplan your Social Media posts. Later allows you to control Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

For the longest time, I couldn’t decide which planning software I should be using. I have played around with Planoly, UNUM, Plann, and several others. 

Later has given me the best analytics, and I enjoy being able to add team members easily to the platform and had excellent experiences with their support team. I also think that their pricing system is fair and affordable for what they are offering. 


Benefits: Later has given me the best analytics; I enjoy being able to add team members easily to the platform and had excellent experiences with their support team. I also think that their pricing system is fair and affordable for what they are offering. 



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