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Crazy mind, Crazy thoughts, Brilliant outcome


Crazy mind, Crazy thoughts, Brilliant outcome

As much as I love the saying that a clear desk is a sign of a sick mind. I must admit that actually creating a space around me that is clean and in order helps me to be much more efficient and clear. And research has shown that it actually improves the ability of your brain to create new neural pathways.

If you are like me you will not have any problems coming up with ideas: Neither creating solutions for others or being able to actually work on multiple projects at the same time without really losing sight of the structure of each of these projects.

These are all really great characteristics. They do, however, also have another side to them. The one that is a bit more challenging and can easily overwhelm others. Once your mind starts working and the ideas come out, many people can’t follow you. I have been there and still catch myself in these situations when friends, co-workers, and even my husband look at me and are just lost.

When you feel like no one understands you.

It quite often feels like no one is able to either understand you or you are just not good enough with communicating your ideas. Both scenarios feel very frustrating and demotivating. Who wouldn’t want to give up, sit on the couch and watch a series?! Much easier than fighting this struggle of communicating your brilliant ideas. And yes I said brilliant

I’ve personally been there. I have overwhelmed myself multiple times and still get myself into situations that cause a migraine. Meditation certainly helps; it also helps not to watch TV, especially in the evening; Journaling can sometimes be useful if I can sit down and write down my thoughts. Although sometimes, they can become faster than my writing skills.

There is a ton of information out there and many different techniques for people like you and me. But that in itself can be overwhelming and one of the worst ideas for a person with a fast mind. Once you start googling an researching (and how we love to do research) there is no way of stopping your mind. But then there is that sinking feeling of looking at the time and realizing that you have may have wasted hours.

And no, you are not hyperactive, you don’t have a concentration deficit disorder, you are also not a procrastinator. Instead, you are an inventor, solutions finder, magician, and dream builder. You are the person who sees the big picture and can combine all the details into a beautiful structure that many people don’t see yet.

How Ayurveda helps me to understand my mind!

I truly started to appreciate my own skills and mind during an Ayurveda seminar. Ayurveda understands the human being through the lease of the elements. Everything is divided into the concepts of VATA (Air & Ether), PITTA (fire & water), KAPHA (earth & water). Our basic constitution has a unique composition of these elements. We can certainly see it in the different physical characteristics, but it becomes quite difficult for us to understand how different our minds actually work. I am not trying to become esoteric, but rather want to share that particular moment in my life that I understood what stands behind the meaning of air and ether and how my own personality and mind combine the air elements fire. I am a person that needs space and has a deeply rooted need for feeling free.

These are facts, and they are partially based on my upbringing and biological and neurological make-up. Understanding the Ayurvedic concept made me realize how special our connection with nature is and that it is ok to be who you are and have your mind work the way it works. Instead of trying to model it into a specific way of thinking.

What can you do to understand your mind better?

Using universal best practices methods is like putting everyone on the same diet. It works for some but doesn’t for many more. What can you do to experience this amazing feeling of actually being able to move the world and contribute with your ideas and solutions? 

This are the top 5 ways that have brought me through my PhD, allowed me to create a non-profit organization, work as a freelancer, create a company, sell a company and start a new one (Oh and of course I did some other things because why not).

1. Vision Boards 

This is the first thing that I do when starting to work on a new project. It doesn’t matter if it is a new client that I am taking on or starting a new project for myself. A vision board allows me to write down all my thoughts without losing any of the ideas. Then, I can draw the big picture without having to clarify the structure yet.

2. Mind-map

This helps me to connect the dots and create a structure that helps others to understand what your vision is.

3. Pomodoro technique

I have to allow my mind to drift off and just relax for a few moments. That’s why the pomodoro technique works so well for me. Though sometimes if I can’t into the flow of things I might end up ignoring the timer and just work through. The pomodoro technique has helped me to get faster into the flow-mode and overcome days in which I am overwhelmed with. 

4. Turing of phone and wifi

This helps me stay focused and on task. 

5. Ask a friend to spare an hour just listening to my crazy ideas.

I need to allow myself to go into verbal diarrhea and just let all the ideas out. This helps me to find my way through everything and understand what is important and what is just an idea. 

Remember that we all have a very unique makeup of our mind. Your ideas, your creativity and your way of finding solutions is absolutly precious. Don’t get discouraged rather remind yourself how great you are and find ways to help your to build a structure that helps others to understand you. Keep in mind less is more. You don’t have to share everything right that moment. 

Now you have to find your way of structuring your thoughts and communicating them in a matter that is engaging and understandable to others. That means you need to start controlling yourself. And just remember it is not as scary as it sounds.


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