Part 2: Creativity as a way of living

In my previous post, I have spoken about the importance of structure as a form of creating space for creativity. Today I would like us to look at our daily lives and how we feel about it.

But out of limitation comes creativity.
Debbie Allen

How does your day look like? Are you like most of us? Do you have a 9 to 5 job? Or are you staying at home with your children and taking care of them? Or do you work on an unpredictable schedule that makes it even harder for you to find the time and energy to be creative?


A certain structure around you certainly makes it easier to form habits that help you be more creative. But before we go into the details of these possible habits, let’s talk about creativity itself. What is creativity? Is creativity art? Is art the outcome of creativity and the only way to see creativity? One can say that art is an outcome of creativity, but it is certainly not the only way a human can be creative and can show creativity. Also, art can be many things: Parenting can be a form of art. Gardening can be art. Anything that you like to be art can be art. A blank page can be art in itself. But what is the act of creativity?

Creativity is the healthy flow of ideas, concepts, and solutions. Each of us is creative and has to be curious. Children explore the world through the eyes of curiosity. It lets us look at unknown objects from different perspectives. It lets us move our body around the object of interest and helps us to form ideas and an understanding of whatever we are exploring. With age and through socialization, cultural rules, and values, duties, but also upbringing and the feeling of shame we become less creative. We don’t allow ourselves to explore, to be silly, to just go with the flow and be. Whatever that means at that moment. We are constraining our needs, wishes, and dreams. Sometimes we are just postponing them, structuring our life with “to do list” and “goal lists”. Trying to achieve what we are meant to believe are “milestones” in our life. We experience a feeling of unhappiness and frustration, however, we guide our thoughts and feelings towards the lists.

The lists that we have created, with the belief that achieving each milestone, gives us the feeling of fulfillment and joy. Silencing the voice within us that just wants to dance on the street while walking the dog, the voice that just wants to sing in the supermarket after a long day at work, the voice that just wants to be silly and walk out the door with crazy hair. Silencing our creativity: our source of life and joy, the source of curiosity.


You might ask yourself now, wait a moment, didn’t she say last time that we need a structure in order to become more creative? Yes, but what I mean with “structure” are not the boundaries that we have built to lock ourselves into something that the society or our culture believes to be right. Boundaries that are ancient.  I am talking about a healthy routine that helps you to get enough sleep, eat healthily and create enough time for the things that are truly important in your life.

So, if you are getting up every morning at the same time, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, taking a shower, walking the dog and going to work. Having lunch, continuing to work, driving home, walking the dog, cooking dinner, maybe working out, reading something and going to bed. You have a structure, a routine. You might not be happy with it at this point, but you have a regular daily flow that can be adjusted or just needs a change of perspective in order to help you find more creativity again.

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Creativity is always with you. It is actually within in you. You are creative. Your body, mind, and soul were created. Frankly speaking, the word creativity adheres the word creation and you have been created. So, everything that you do is creative. You just need to become aware of it and embrace it as such. You need to give yourself permission to live it out and to feel it. Life is not dull, it just feels like dullness when we suppress our inner child. The child that hasn’t forgotten where it comes from and humbly appreciates the gift that has been given to us. The gift of creativity.

But we can live it on a daily basis and make it a habit, allow ourselves to give space to it. So next time when you feel like celebrating within a dance in the rain feel free to do so and don’t think about your neighbors. Even better invite everyone that looks at you to your creative celebration. Feel free to sing out loud when you walk your dog. Bake a colorful cake and slowly explore the energy.

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