I'm Dr. Kinga Mnich

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Liberate yourself by understanding what is occupying your mind

Time is our most precious commodity, and our job is to make the best out of it by living the most impactful and joyful life we can.

Yet, living in the moment, while working on being an impactful leader, and role model comes with its own burdens. Sleepless nights, pursue, anxiety, not knowing if you can pull off your big, audacious dream. And then there’s the fear of falling short and letting others down.

That’s why I do what I do. So, you can be fully yourself in a life that you enjoy.

Being Myself

The first step in stepping away from fear of disappointing the people around me, as well as myself, accepting myself for who I am, a multi-passionate, curious, multi-cultural, world traveling student of life. That happens to be a social-psychologist, philosopher, yoga teacher, mediator, specialist in emotions, positive-psychology, mindfulness meditation, breath work and I’m into meta-physics, bio-hacking and exploration. 

By everyone else’s standards, I was too much of everything and supposedly lost and without direction. 

But if you ask me, I was collecting tools to help me break free and feel liberated from everything that I didn’t want to be.

All the roles society gives people according to gender? The labels that we must carry to feel accomplished and purpose? What if there is a life beyond all of that?

Those questions motivated me, drove me and led me to the understanding that there is a way to just be, to feel content and satisfied with what you have while understanding that there is more to do, more to create. As a result of this exploration, The Ziva Way™ was born. Ziva means to fully know, to embrace, to feel truly alive and to shine. 

I have helped scores of high-achieving women, business leaders and individuals who simply want more out of life. Now, it’s your time to shine. Let me help you get there.

Curious about The Ziva Way?

About Kinga

Multi-Passionate World Citizen

I am an international social-psychologist with over 15 years of experience as an organizational and leadership development specialist in intercultural communication and personal development. I speaks five languages, and have grown up amongst and between cultures (including Polish, German, South African, Southeast US), which perpetuates my constant curiosity in learning more about other cultures. I have lived in three continents, and currently residing in the USA. 

I holds a PhD in Social Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Sociology focused on organizational development, and Philosophy and Art History degrees. She also holds a Bachelor of Honors in Group Dynamics, and is a certified mediator and leadership coach. 

During my time in South Africa, I have taught at the Nelson Mandela University, and continuously support international university student programs. My background in corporate work, and a long-standing track record as a social entrepreneur. As an organizational and leadership coach / advisor / consultant I have supported clients in the automotive, tech-space, banking and leaders changing their career. 

I have also worked as a facilitator on international projects against Racism, Cultural Integration, and reconciliation.  

Additionally, I finished a 2-year training in Sivananda Yoga, 500 hours of training at the Asheville Yoga Center, Ayurvedic Psychology Coaching qualification, and additional certification in mediation and breathwork. All of which is part of my unique methodology and what I call The Ziva Way™ method. 

Some of my clients included Renault, VW, Borbet, Lazard, SEB, Shiseido.

Are you ready to...

Be You.

Life is not just about being effective and leaving a dent in the universe. It is also about enjoying the journey and appreciating the moment while building emotional memories that will carry you through uncomfortable times. 


As the first woman and social psychologist to gain access to a South African maximum-security prison,  I observed first-hand the impact of emotions on self-worth and confidence. Now, as a Doctor in Social Psychology and a trained yoga teacher, I have built a strong foundation for my practice – a balance between science and mindfulness. Taking my observations and experience into practice, I have created the Ziva Way Method, a unique leadership & lifestyle philosophy that explores mindset, confidence, network building, and emotions. I now have  over a decade of experience working with entrepreneurs and leaders and several successful projects and ventures under my belt.

Master of Arts (Magistra Artium) Sociology, Art History & Philosophy 

Bachelor of Honors in Group Dynamics

PhD in Social Psychology

Research in Gender & Emotions

Certified in Ayurveda

Certified Facilitator & Mediator

Trauma-Informed Care Trained

Certified in Yoga Nidra

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

800h Yoga Teacher

Sustainable Community Development

Crisis Management 

Mediator Bildungsstätte Anne Frank Frankfurt, Germany

Facilitator at Verdi, Germany 

Career & Leadership Coach for various companies including VW, Borbet 

Lecturer & Junior Professor Nelson Mandela University 

Mindfulness Training in High Security Prison Facility 

Organizational consultant, development and researcher various companies including Lazard M&A

Integrative Coaching – Private Practice 

Business consultant – Score            

I offer keynote speaking, group-based coaching, team-building, corporate consulting and facilitation.

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I'm Dr. Kinga Mnich.

Time is our most precious commodity and our role is to make the best out of it- By living the most impactful and joyful life we can.

Yet, living in the moment, while working on being an impactful leader, and role model comes with its burden. Sleepless nights, anxiety, not knowing if you can pull off your crazy big dream. And the fear of disappointing – and letting others down. 

You may have expected a long story about me and the life experiences that have brought me to this point. And if that’s what you are looking for, feel free to scroll down. You will find it all there. Others let’s connect in person.

Ready to wok together?

Dr. Kinga Mnich


Impact is about setting your own rules and stepping into your authentic self by overcoming fear. It starts with embracing your power by knowing that you control your thoughts and emotions – and with that: your experiences, your reactions and actions. It also means that no one can take away your power because it lies within you. 

I help you step into authenticity and power, embrace your emotions and develop a positive mindset to craft a long-term strategy that keeps you motivated and on track to create the impact that you desire. 

It is because of my personal history and the lessons I have learned that I structure my work around MINDSET, EMOTIONAL POWER, and STRATEGY.

This is what I bring to personal sessions, group settings, and corporate offerings and promise a profound experience. 

The question I am eager and ready to answer is not where are you from, but who do you want to be, and what do you want to impact?  That is when the real conversation begins!

Women entrepreneuership

I'm Kinga Mnich.

Impact Coach, Social-Psychologist & Emotion Spezialist,  Entrepreneur, Change Maker and your Accountability Partner

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