The Individualization Of Emotions

The topic of emotions certainly became more dominant since Brené Brown’s Ted Talk and book on vulnerability. The world, in general, has shifted towards being more emotional and open with our feelings. It may seem at times that emotion




I’m an emotion and positive psychology expert, a geek when it comes to emotions, and my obsession is teaching you how to overcome mindset obstacles, negative feelings and create the impactful life you desire!

As a tenacious explorer of people and cultures, born in Poland and raised in Germany, I am the happiest when helping you re-discover your power and build a strategy to make the life of your dreams it reality.

I’m honored to welcome you to the Ziva Way Blog.

Get inspired, motivated and learn. Step out and step into a life filled with freedom and power to create the things you are inspired to do.

Building Self-Confidence: Your Success Foundation cover

Building Self-Confidence: Your Success Foundation

Confidence is the foundation for success and fulfillment. Discover how to unleash your power, tap into your full potential, and navigate the complex world with resilience and adaptability. Embrace the intersection of thought and emotion, cultivate belief, project a confident attitude, and take action towards your goals. Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. #BuildingSelfConfidence #UnleashYourPotential #HerStoryIntheMaking

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Are DEI Initiatives beneficial or harmful?

DEI Initiatives: Beneficial or Harmful?

I think there is good reason to distrust a lot of the DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) statements that are out there in company brochures, political manifestos, project documentation, and even in the literature

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Are women their own worst enemies? cover

Are women their own worst enemies?

Since we started Ziva Voices, conversations have centered around achieving global systematic change and empowering women. But some still question the relevance of projects like ours and deny the existence of gender inequality. It’s important to educate ourselves and acknowledge the statistics and daily disadvantages women face. Let’s work together to challenge social biases and create a more equal future. #GenderEquality #EmpowerWomen

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