With Evidence-Based Techniques developing people, building teams and creating sustainable organizations. 

Redefining the business world

Workshops, Lunch & Learn, Team-building 2.0 reimagined. Starting from understanding the value of Integrity, Knowledge, Fulfillment to Leadership principles – these sessions are designed for companies and teams that foster curiosity, thrive for excellence, focus on value and meaning creation for clients, employees, investors, and founders alike.  

Redefining organizations beyond profit: Thriving organizations prioritize consciousness and alignment with social responsibility, people, and sustainability. 

Thriving consciously aligned instead of bigger is better, faster is smarter. 







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WHO I WORK WITH / our clients are

Professional yet Human

Organizational transformation reimagined

Building a succesful and effective team starts with building a mindful and reflected leader

Team Development Workshops 

  • Cross Cultural Collaboration & Communication
  • Curiosity, Trust, Innovation 
  • Confidence/Self-trust in the Workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • The Positive Psychology Advantage 
  • How to Support Women in climbing the Corporate Ladder
  • and more

The wellness gain

Rethinking the investment in the people that make your organization. 

  • Wellness Strategies to Support Team Productivity
  • Foster a Growth Mindset


A different kind of team building

This is not the typical team-building we all heard about. Ziva Experiences are a 3-7 day adventures that allows teams to create long lasting memories, sharpen their skills and understand how each team member is a piece of the puzzle. Your team deserves more, you deserve more. 

These are uniquely designed team adventurous combine the essence of building a company is connected to the people that are creating it and are profiting from it. 

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Women entrepreneuership

I'm Dr. Kinga Mnich.

Executive Coach, Social-Psychologist & Emotion Spezialist, Entrepreneur, Change Maker and your Accountability Partner

Grab Your Guide- 

Habit Tracker Worksheet

In this guide, I reveal 3 game changers that will help you clarify your message and become the leader you envision to be. 

white desktop with coffee, magazine, plant, keyboard

Grab Your Guide- 

High Performance Activity Planner

In this guide, I help you structure your multipassionate dreams into achievable goals . Create a daily, weekly, and monthly strategy to track your progress and create success.

Grab Your Guide- 

Path to Clarity & Confidence

In this guide, I reveal 10 simple steps to building confidence and achieving your goals. You will also get exclusive access to my #1 tip for creating more clarity and emotional balance in your life.