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5 Positive Psychology Tools To Help You Regulate Your Emotions

5 Positive Psychology Tools To Help You Regulate Your Emotions emotions

To regulate your emotions means to understand your emotions and allow yourself to feel them. This means that you need to let yourself be mindful of them. Usually, people become aware of their emotions when they are strong, overwhelming, complex, or intense. Then, we solemnly take the time to just feel the “normal” moments. The […]

Disconnect to Reconnect!

Disconnect to Reconnect!

The art of building an emotional compass.By Dr. Kinga Mnich – Social Psychologist To embrace your emotions has become a fancy slogan in which permitting yourself to “feel” supposedly increases your emotional intelligence. But this feeling doesn’t mean that you understand emotions in the full spectrum.  So,  what if you need to disconnect from what […]

Increase Happiness With These Positive Psychology Strategies

Increase Happiness With These Positive Psychology Strategies

When times are tough, it becomes clear to us that one of the things that we lack is happiness. So many people have told me that they simply want to be happy when going through a stressful period. But when I ask them what happiness means to them, they can’t explain how they want to […]

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