Start feeling confident, accomplished & free to pursue what matters to you

Change starts

with evidence-based techniques to leverage your emotions and mind!

Private Sessions are for high-achievers and leaders who feel driven to give back effectively to the world, but feel exhausted and powerless. We will start by identifying what’s holding you back before creating and tailored strategy to help you grow your confidence, find clarity, and reconnect with your emotions.

So you can show up as the most powerful, confident, and authentic version of you and live the high impact life you’ve always desired.

Show Up Bold And Empowered In Your Most Effective And Authentic Way

You have a tendency to start projects and not finish them.

I see that half-done crocheted scarf in the drawer, last year’s guitar in the corner, your folders of ideas, your journal full of lists, brand names and URLs for future websites. You get to 80% and drop the ball, eager to chase the next ball.

It’s not that you can’t choose. It’s not that you’re doomed to never finish what you start. You achieve a lot. You master many skills.

But when you want to start your own business, suddenly your million-and-one ideas become a liability instead of a gift. Business coaches tell you to NICHE DOWN! And that sounds like limiting yourself.


but guess what?

It doesn't have to be that way.

You can have it all

You hate limits. (And when you truly have unlimited potential, that makes sense – you have a superpower, m’dear, that most people don’t understand.)


The Ideal Candidate

Ready to stand in your full power

is about understanding your purpose and having a vision in life. It means to know what you are standing up for. With science based techniques & the use of positive psychology we transform  

Looking for more

You have achieved already so much, but somehow you lack in energy and you are not sure how to continue. As a problem solver & visionair you know that at times it take a new perspective to recharge again and enter the next phase in your life.

Ready to take impactful actions

Looking for personal development with a focus on  positive psychology, mind, emotions and leadership. -While developing a strategy that will allow you to set boundaries, focus on the essentials and learn to recharge so you can be the most impactful version of yourself. 

Be the change you aspire to see.

If you are looking for help for mental health issues or depression, please contact a licensed therapist. 

She stopped me when I was diving head first into trying to get more and more work
“helping me to realize that that behavior came from a place of fear of not having enough money. This gave me permission to take time to find what work would be rewarding for me. Now I’m living a childhood dream of moving abroad to go to school in Europe. I got the push I needed to go for what I actually wanted, and I learned that I can support myself from anywhere.” -
- Cassidy Dietz

the sessions

If you’re ready to dig into your many layers and find your core why, your deep purpose, and find a structure to make it into your business, then you’re ready for…

The Ziva Way: 3 Month One-on-One Coaching Program for Multipassionates to Bring your Next Big, Brave Idea into the World $3200

Ziva means “true knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment” the language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

This is my invitation to you, dear Multipassionate, to do something we are typically terrible at: Giving yourself space and time to create.

Plus the structure, accountability, mindset work, and support to finish what you start, so your passion can transform your life.


In 12 weeks of one-on-one work together, you will:

Experience the Ziva Way Methode, and gaine more clarity, creative energy and confident focus by leveraging the power of emotions and your mind.

And, you’ll have a life that absolutely THRILLS you.

Ready to learn?

In 12 weeks of one-on-one work together, you will:

What you get…
Uncover your core values, passion and motivators, and connect them with your talents and skills and what brings you the most joy — whether you come in with a big idea or not, this is where we start. Your passion is the foundation of everything you’ll do.
Meet with me weekly in hour-long sessions (first session is 2 hours for a deep dive into who you are and what you want).
– Get a weekly to-do list…

  • To create a secure financial structure to prepare you for taking your big leap
  • Of homework to help you clear your mind and schedule so you can focus and refill your creative well
  • With practical, actionable steps to bring you closer to your goals

Have email and text support between sessions, so you always have support and accountability if you hit a roadblock (and an ear when you have an epiphany)
Do mindset work around abundance, confidence and vision
Have daily journal prompts to keep you on track

Get community support in our private Ziva Way group

Oh, and let’s not forget the bonuses…
Bonus #1: Habit Builder workbook
Bonus #2: additional 90-minute session to start the habits that will help you finish what you start!

How it Works

Custom tailored experience based on positive psychology, neuroscience, Leadership and mindset combined with self-paced learning 

Expand your comfort

Sign up and receive video & written tutorials broken up into 7 easy-to-digest sections. Each lesson contains practical and actionable advice.


Get access to a private community where you can discuss, ask questions, get website feedback, and collaborate with others.


Get access via Whatsapp to received daily support. Participate in Q&A sessions where we will discuss latest research on topics of leadership, mindset, positive psychology, and more. Equipping yourself with tools to help you break the glass ceiling.

holy cow! she helped me double my revenue in just a few months!
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I'm Dr. Kinga Mnich


I’m an emotion and positive psychology expert, a geek when it comes to social psychology, and my obsession is helping to transform your mind & surroundings by leveraging the power of emotions so you can be more effective in your role & live the life you desire.

As a tenacious explorer of people and cultures, born in Poland and raised in Germany, I am the happiest when helping you narrow down your big crazy dream and build a strategy to make it reality.

I will support you in clarifying your goals, reevaluating your purpose and building a sustainable strategy and vision for your career, business and life.

We meet for 1 hour per week, and you’ll have approximately 1-2 hours of homework. At times some clients get so excited and do some extra work (and I am more than happy to give you feedback on your work through our time together.) 

I have my PhD in Social-Psychology, studied organizational development, and trained as a facilitator and coach. I have run multicultural projects and have been the founder of two social enterprises. I’ve also worked in finance and started my career working for a coaching company. You can read more about me here.

My coaching clients typically see big results in our 12 weeks (3 months) of working together — but some love what we accomplish together so much, they want to keep going! Once we work together, I will always be in your corner. And if more coaching sessions helps to set you up for even greater successes, I’m here for it.

Of course you can. It is your process and if you feel like it is not working, you have the right to express that. But, the program is non-refundable, as I have a limited number of slots and I book my weeks in advance. So if you’re not sure it’s a fit – schedule a Free Explorer Session with me and I’ll answer all of your questions.

Yes, of course. After our initial 12 weeks you will be given the opportunity to work with me as you need it and as new developments cross your path.

Most of the coaching happens online, as I have clients from all over the world. But I am currently offering both. I am located in Lexington, KY, but I love to travel, so you never know when I’ll be in your neck of the woods.

Yes absolutely. We can also correspond in German and Polish.

The Ziva Way is for you if you need help choosing one passion to follow and make into a business (or a non-profit, or big project), and need support to bring your idea into the world. I have a lot of business experience (serial entrepreneur here!) and experience in the financial industry, but I also have a huge network of professionals you can tap into when you need even more specialized support (psychologists, negotiation experts, mindfulness teachers, financial advisors, business experts, marketing & PR experts). Together, we will figure out what you need and how to make sure you have the people around you who can help you succeed. 

And if you’re just not 100% happy with your life – you might benefit from a strictly life coach (but book a Free Explorer Session with me first – because very often, that unsatisfied feeling is because you’ve got a passion that needs attention!).

I work from 6AM EST till 10 PM EST. Usually I can accommodate all time zones and we can find session times that work with your schedule.

she transformed my business and helped me book 4 new clients in a week!
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Ready to Begin?



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Sign up for The Ziva Way!


Schedule a Free Explorer Session 

and ask me any questions you want

Women entrepreneuership

I'm Kinga Mnich.

Impact Coach, Social-Psychologist & Emotion Spezialist,  Entrepreneur, Change Maker and your Accountability Partner

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High Performance Activity Planner

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