Ziva Photography

Both light and shadow are the dance of love.


The story behind Ziva is a story of finding one’s own path and creating relevance in life and business. As I was looking for a word that is meaningful, deep and worthwhile, I started playing around with mindful/mindfulness/enlightenment and similar words. I did want to have a clear connection between my own values and the work that I do but also show clearly the goals behind my work.

I also didn’t want to have something that is overused or misused. With the help of one very special person, that understood that I need to have meaning in this process of my work we found ZIVA.

As some might know, ZIVA is a word that has its roots not just in one language- in this particular understanding it is derived from Shona; the beautiful languages of one of my closest friends and sister. It means to perceive or understand the truth, have a clear or distinct perception or apprehension of something, understand or comprehend clearly and fully, more so to be conscious of perceiving truly. It has wider significance and beautiful meanings in other languages, such as radiance, brilliance, and light.

I needed to connect emotions, meaning and the essence of my photography work into a word -Ziva-


The moment I heard the word and the meaning it just started making sense. A word that is carrying meaning, the honoring of people that I love and enfolds its path through my work. Always thriving to understand what I see, capturing the beauty and truth in front of me while playing around with light. Bringing Brilliance and radiance into my work.

My photography connects the emotions and the story of the object. It doesn’t matter if it is product photography or your own session for professional images, I will take the time to understand what message you want to send out through the use of photography.

No matter if you are looking for a product, business or a Social Media photographer. I am here to help you tell your visual story. Let me give your Commercial Photography a fresh look.

Currently located in Lexington Kentucky, but always ready to travel.

I am Lexington based commercial photographer, that was born in Poland, grew up in Germany, lived in Africa and Asia and is happy to bring live to your visual communication.

I will be traveling this year to Germany, Poland, Thailand & South Africa. Let me know if you would like to book sessions in any of this countries or even beyond.