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Building the business and life that you always wanted can easily feel like a rollercoaster ride without an end in sight.

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The Ziva Way Method



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The Ziva Way Method



Inovative Entrepreneurship & Leadership



Stepping up for your dreams, cultivating a positive mindset and leading others can be a lonely journey. We often get to a point where leadership books, journaling and conscious steps toward impactful change aren’t enough. It can be unexpected and unpredictable – often our feelings of being “stuck” , “overwhelmed” or “anxious” seem to have no particular source.


Being a change maker, creating impact, and making the world better should make you feel exhilarated and fulfilled.

It takes courage to step away from the path that society has laid out for you and lead a life based on your terms.

Experiencing uncertainty, lack of clarity, as well as questioning my purpose, brought me to the journey of understanding how we can use emotions to overcome the thoughts that are holding us back. 

The result: The Ziva Way Method. 

This science based approach to leadership development is based on social & positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness. It equips you with the tools you need to become the person you want to be and achieve your goals

Knowing Yourself Through Science

After assessing each client’s unique circumstances and needs, I provide you with an individual experience to address every facet of your life:  everything from your career to your interpersonal relationships. Thus, guiding and supporting you in getting in touch with your emotions. At the same time, developing a strategy that will help you create a positive mind-shift, set boundaries, and feel more confident while building the life you want. 

Ready to explore the Ziva Way?

change is possible.

Realizing that What made me succeed and create successful businesses, wasn't the business know-how

It is instead the ability to make sense and seep through the multitude of ideas by being aligned with your values and emotions.

Creating a multi-income business is based on more than the desire to have your own business. You don’t need a business degree nowadays to be able to build a successful and thriving business. 

What you need is grit, perseverance, and a strategy that keeps you motivated and track. As a multi-passionate person you have everything that it takes to create a thriving business and the life you are dreaming of. 


she transformed our business by helping us to understand what matters to us!
I cannot say enough positive comments about Kinga and what she has contributed to our company!! An awesome business coach who approaches each business obstacle with intelligence, compassion, and solutions!!! Thank you, Kinga.
- Tanya Floyd - ASTeCC Incubator


My Passion is to See you succeed when stepping into your Power

I coach high-achieving professionals to step out of their comfort zone and be unapologetically confident in building their dream life & business.

Because I believe that your ideas are worth pursuing and that the only thing that is standing between you and your freedom is the inner voice that is questioning your decisions. 

As an entrepreneur, social psychologist, and world traveler I had the honor to work with many women just like you.

Dream Big - Confidence Coaching

What the sessions Include

Deep Dive Call

In our weekly one-on-one session will we go beyond your ideas. Starting with understanding your own motivation, learning more about your values building your confidence, ensuring that you have all necessary skills, doing market research and creating a step-by-step strategy to create the business you want. I will be there every step of the way.

Access to my personal resource library

Receive my best-practice files, resources, and templates that I use in my own business! Anything from learning how to create your 'WHY' statement to step-by-step strategy planning for making sure you build a business with a strong foundation.

Virtual Support

Working with me will give you access to the private The Ziva Way group, e-mail, and message support between our one-on-one sessions. So no questions stay unanswered, and you can smoothly work on achieving your goals.

She sees the best in people when they do not - a born motivator and fire-cracker.
I met Kinga when I was overworked, underpaid, but worse under-valued. Kinga genuinely made me see the light. She helped to see my own worth and reminded me to believe in myself. Through regular coaching, she helped to take the leap of faith and leave my comfortable yet toxic corporate job and pursue a better life.
- Ilze Dommisse

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Coaching Opportunities

I can’t wait to work with you!

Dr. Kinga Mnich

FOR THE Committed Entrepreneur Novice 

One-on-One Coaching

I coach capable, responsible women who feel driven to give back effectively to the world. If you are looking for a personal transformation founded on evidence-based techniques and positive psychology, facilitated through systematically personalized one-one coaching sessions then this is what you are looking for.

The one-on-one coaching is designed to create long-lasting strategies that you can implement into your life and create the business that you are imagining.

Starting at $2800


Short-term Coaching

This program is designed to help you overcome one specific obstacle and create a fast-forward step-by-step strategy. This 2-hour one-on-one coaching with 2-week email support is the right fit for you if you are not sure if you want to commit to a long-term coach or are on the right path and just need a solution-injection for your business.

Starting $740 

The Ziva Way Mission


Group Coaching

The mastermind is an 12-week program that guides you through understanding what is holding you back and what your why – infinity inspiration and your emotional make-up. It supports you in building a clear life vision and developing an infinite pool of self-empowerment through positive psychology. This program will equip you with a toolbox that will help you make anything possible that you set your mind to while building a network of similarly minded women. 

You love learning together with others and growing your business with the support of a group?! You are at the beginning of your business or planning around with a couple of ideas but you are ready to take it to the next step and make sure that your base is solid. 

Then this is the right fit for you. 


Online Course - The fast Track

The online course offers you a self-paced learning experience while experiencing the three pillars of the Ziva Way – Move Past Your Fear – Find your Voice – Embrace Freedom. This course allows you to learn about your emotions, embrace them, and move confidently into your new life phase. This course is idly for you if you are going through change, but need tools to gracefully tap into your full power. 


discover the 3 pillars of the Ziva way


Seeing women succeed while tapping into their full potential and doing what they love, fires me up. We only have one life to live, and I believe in taking full advantage of it. I also believe in science and science-driven techniques. Experiencing the journey of transformation and realizing how much power you have is fascinating. 

Learning how your emotions are made and how you can use them to your advantage to step into the next thing while creating a strategy that allows you to get your life back and be successful is what I am thriving for. Sometimes we feel alone or lose sight of our goals.  

The journey to create the life and business that we’ve hoped for doesn’t always go the way we planned or imagined.  But the burning desire to impact the world in a meaningful and positive manner will not allow you to give up. Executive coaching for women designed the Ziva Way will help you build a deliberate structure and path toward achieving your goals without pressure or the feeling of being lost.







You are intelligent, strong, and beautiful. Deep down you know that you want to conquer the world and be your true self. Build your confidence with me in a unique session of self-discovery. I know that the adventurer in you is seeking more. 

This can happen in either a Ziva Way session or in an intimate photography session. Both will connect with your emotions to create a compelling visual story. A story that will support you in tough times and help you to remember how powerful you are.

We will be tapping into your hidden talents and helping you to become the best version of yourself. 



The story behind ZIVA is a story of finding one’s own path and creating relevance in life and business. Ziva means to perceive or understand the truth, to have a clear understanding. The Ziva Way is a philosophy, a path and a technique to build a life that you envision. Connect to your emotions, understand your needs and dreams to create an environment that allows you to achieve success according to your own rules. 



are you ready?

I know that taking the next step can be scarry...


Free Masterclass


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the ziva way


Meet like minded people and start building the network you need to become the leader you want to be and build the the multi-income business that you are envisioning . 

Women entrepreneuership

I'm Kinga Mnich.

Impact Coach, Social-Psychologist & Emotion Spezialist,  Entrepreneur, Change Maker and your Accountability Partner

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Grab Your Guide- 

Habit Tracker Worksheet

In this guide, I reveal 3 game changers that will help you clarify your message and become the leader you envision to be. 

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Grab Your Guide- 

High Performance Activity Planner

In this guide, I help you structure your multipassionate dreams into achievable goals . Create a daily, weekly, and monthly strategy to track your progress and create success.

Grab Your Guide- 

Path to Clarity & Confidence

In this guide, I reveal 10 simple steps to building confidence and achieving your goals. You will also get exclusive access to my #1 tip for creating more clarity and emotional balance in your life.