The white Ocean Surfers

Light is natures gift to us. Seeing and experiencing colors is often filled with joy and happiness. I did find amazing colors in Hawaii, but the sunlight also created these moments of balance. A lightness that brings stillness to the moment. A moment of melancholy, reflexion and deep meaning. 

Sailing in Balance

Life is all about being able to just see, be and experience. A balance between moments: Being joyful and sad, being peaceful and angry. It is the in between what we are searching for. 

The Moment

It is about the learning to find joy in the waiting, finding the detail in the wide sea around you and focus on it in order to learn more about yourself. 

Dynamic as Prana

The beauty of Hawaii has overtaken me by surprise. I have never expected to find something that is so much in balance and has the power to effect everyone and everything that is around it. It is a place that deserves to be visited and honored every moment we can.