Interior Inspiration from Atlanta

The world is an oyster. At least that’s what they say?  But even, if we cannot have everything we can enjoy the beautiful spaces and places around us. That is certainly something that I have been trying to achieve in the past years where ever I have traveled to; Collecting  Photographs of places that have been designed to be enjoyed, with a special focus on the details. Finding these inspirations brings me always a great joy, especially when they are interlinked traveling to other places.


This retro inspiration has been created for the Renaissance Gateway Hotel at the Atlanta Airport. Besides having a truly great night sleep, an even better breakfast, I was truly inspired by interior design and the flow of the layout in this hotel. It did remind me also of time and how little we sometimes have of it. But this is also what makes places like this wonderful hotel special. In moments such as this (when I missed a flight) or when we have the feeling that time is being taken from us, there is no greater joy in discovering creative balance and beauty.

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The Hotel does offer great spots that make waiting an absolute bliss. It offers hidden corners that invite you to read your newspaper or a book, and if you don’t have one there are plenty around that can be enjoyed. Or just take a swing in the lobby while watching other travelers passing you.



The hotel is certainly a great inspiration for writers, artists, and world travelers. And hopefully to you too.