Traveling has opened the door of collecting beautiful memories and images from all over the world. This time I am presenting you with few images from the beautiful city of Merida, Mexico.




Mexico offers a variety of plants, palm trees, and other exotic greenery.  It is always such a joy to be able to capture the beauty of it.



But more so, it is fascinating to me how many surprises are around the next corner as the country offers a melting pot of young and old.



Mexico offers a wide variety of wonderful boutique hotels and exquisite food. It is common knowledge that the beaches are just breathtaking, but many tourists still stay away from places like Mexico City, which is becoming a Mecca for vegan culinarian experiences, Puebla that is not just known for its architecture, but also for its mole and of course the beautiful city’s such a Queretaro and San Miquel de Allende.

If you want to know more about these beautiful destinations stay tuned and follow my travel photography.