Arizona on my mind

Arizona has been on my bucket list since I saw the screen saver on my mac. Yes, that did it. I wanted to see the colors and forms. Feel the air and be able to breathe in the heat. Conquering Arizona is a joy and driving the distances is worth to be remembered. The memories are what you take away as your souvenir (and maybe some photos).20170304-Arizona 395-2

The German saying ‘Der Weg ist das Ziel’ (It is not about the destination but about the journey) comes to my mind when I recall my memories of Arizona. The colors are just surreal. The heat is there and drying out the soul beneath your feet.

20170304-Arizona 353   The world looks like it is hiding from the heat and sun, but it can’t hide it’s beauty truly because the beauty itself is radiating light. The country is wide and shows the scares of time. This scares it what makes it so appealing and once you get mesmerized by it you cannot turn around, but you must continue.jgoeijrg20170304-Arizona 339

Being on the road for hours without seeing anyone or anything is what you get if you decided to go on this journey. And isn’t this what we are all lusting for. Just to be out there alone and just seeing space around you. Arizona did get to me. It changed something in me. It changed the way I see the history of our world, the history of humankind. I was not prepared to be taken away by this dreamlike land.

The best time to see the magnificence of the  Horseshoebend is during sunset. This is when nature unfolds its spectacle for you. Lake Powell and its surrounding offer a tremendous amount of hiking spots. Page a little town that invites you to learn about the history.
20170304-Arizona 452

 And then, of course, the Antilope Canyon. The washed-out stones, the color of the sand and material that does not let go of the sunlight and unfoldes spectacles of colors just for you. This is really a once in a lifetime experience and if you can go and see the canyon multiple times.



Arizona is certainly not a small state and nature does not disappoint you even while you are just on the road.

20170305-Arizona 482


While the Grand Canyon is a spectacle for itself, it is also known to almost every human soul on this planet. That’s why our journey after diverted us after a day to Sedona. And I can just let the photos speak for themselves, but one thing needs to be said: I couldn’t take the lens away from the red rocks. And the sunsets around a firepit are truly something that I want to do again.