Join our best practice negotiation workshop this week!

And create the success that you negotiate.

Leverage Your Emotions And Get What You Negotiate

JOIN US tuesday 10/20 @ 9AM (EST) & 15:00 Amsterdam

For Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Is your fear of negotiation holding you back from getting what you deserve?

Don’t worry we got your back. 

Just like negotiation, the practice of emotions is a skill that you can learn to master!

And what’s better than mastering two skills in one workshop.

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Oct 20 & 26, 2020
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Sessions from 9am- -11 am EST

Tune in from anywhere - Live sessions

Bring a notebook & a pen!

For Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders

with Merel van der Wouden LL.M & Dr. Kinga Monika Mnich

We are excited to present to you the principles of effective negotiation, as well as growing your confidence and the secrets behind the effective use of your emotions.

We will be sharing with you a surprisingly simple, yet powerful philosophy that will change your perspective on your career and business. 

This online workshop is divided into 4 parts which include exercises for self-reflection and exploration to personalize the information and learning experience: 

For many women, negotiation becomes too often the victim of anxiety, self-doubt, and gender differences. But what we are forgetting is that we are constantly negotiating in our life.

Together we will explore how to strengthen your negotiation confidence, become effective and goal-oriented.

here's what you'll learn


At times it seems as some women get whatever they ask for. Do you wonder how that works?

And did you know that you negotiate 3-7 a day?

Also, did you know that no interaction happens without emotions?

Master your mindset by understanding and leveraging your emotions are the key ingredients to become a master negotiator.

In this workshop you will learn:




How is fear holding you back?


practice of emotions

learn to use your emotions impactful


what is NEGOTiation?

Best practice of negotiation


set & Achieve your Goals 

The 3 negotiation Outcomes

Areas Of Expertise

You don’t get what you deserve in life, but what you negotiate!

Frequently Asked Questions


The training on Tuesday, October 20th will last 2h

And the QA session on Monday, October 26th will last 75min


Yes, of course. We have reserved October 26th to answer all your questions. 

And you will be able to send in questions while you will be working on your worksheets. 


Yes, you will receive a Zoom link. Both sessions will be recorded and accessible for you to review again. 

How many spots are available?

We believe that learning in small groups is the most effective way of learning the principles of negotiation in a short time. 

That’s why we are offering just 12 spots for this workshop. This will give us the chance to learn a bit more about you and personalize the experience. 


i’m Kinga. Social Psychologist turned Impact & business coach

I coach young multi-passionate professionals to step out of their comfort zone and be unapologetically confident in building their dream life & business.

Because I believe that your ideas are worth pursuing and that the only thing that is standing between you and your freedom is the inability to start. 

As an entrepreneur, social psychologist, and world traveler I had the honor to work with many women just like you. For many, their owner business was a distant dream. But each and every single one of them made it happen. 

I love to empower you in building the business & life you want!


I’m Merel van der Wouden, a lawyer turned negotiation coach for women!

In 2017 I left my consultancy job in Toronto, Canada to build my dream life. Combining my strengths and passion I founded Blackbird Negotiations while living in Bali, Indonesia.
In 2018 I moved back to Amsterdam to grow her business. I am teaching ambitious women her Pro-Active Negotiation method to successfully negotiate what they want!
Over the last 2,5 years Merel has coached hundreds of women who on average earn 30% more money.
She has always been intrigued by equality, negotiating and how to influence people.


Over the past 3 years, I’ve coached over 200 women to successfully negotiate their salaries and fees.

On average women earn 30% more money now

what the heck are you waiting for?

she transformed my business and helped me book 4 new clients in a week!
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holy cow! she helped me double my revenue in just a few months!
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Women entrepreneuership

I'm Kinga Mnich.

Impact Coach, Social-Psychologist & Emotion Spezialist,  Entrepreneur, Change Maker and your Accountability Partner

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