About Me

Our personal stories and dreams make us who we are 

I am an explorer, a dreamer, a creator, an artist, and a rebel. Summarizing my life in a few sentences is quite a difficult task and when I  asked friends and family to help me describe myself in a few sentences, they started laughing. For many years I was under the impression that I needed to specialize in one of the areas I was interested in. I just couldn’t decide which one I should let go of. Should I become a lecturer or photographer? Should I work for a corporate company because I have great analytical skills? If I did that, what would happen to my creative side? I feel as much joy in taking photos and telling stories through a lens as I do in helping communities and people feel more comfortable creating. These facets have equal importance in my life, and they all genuinely fulfill me.

Traveling and living in different cities and countries helped me understand that my joy for different topics and curiosity about a variety of areas allows me to find delight in fostering change, adapting easily to new situations, and learning with an open mind. My curiosity is a strength, not a distraction. It facilitates the process of finding solutions and being creative. It allows me to live in the present moment and not be afraid of what the future might hold. At the same time, it fosters my love for adventure and helps fill my life with happiness.

I’ve been able to use this strength while working within the corporate world, the development sector, teaching at a university and in a prison, all while writing my Ph.D. on Emotions.

I’ve lived on 4 continents, traveled more than 35 countries, and speak multiple languages. This arsenal of experience is what I love to share with others and it’s what keeps my mind open while I help others to walk the path of exploration and finding fulfillment and joy in their life.

My love for cultures and people can be seen in my photography and professional work.

I’d love for you to be a part of the adventure! Want to drop an email? Contact me at thezivaway@gmail.com