Don’t use a Keyword Planner for your small business, if…

you don’t want others to see your website or your content. Don’t use a keyword planner if you don’t want to increase your sales numbers or get more people signed up for your newsletter. But if you want to increase the chances of your website being seen then continue reading.

SEO, Keyword Planner, Social Media Marketing, and Hashtags are what currently turn my world around and most probably yours too. Especially if you’re interested in building an online business or expanding your online offers. I’m sure you’ve heard about words that support the search engine optimization of your website.

Wait, you don’t know what search engine optimization is? SEO is a specific process that many website developers and marketing specialists use to maximize the number of visitors clicking on your website. It ensures that your website appears high on search engine result lists. The core of leading more traffic to your page lies in integrating content, such as specific words and phrases, that optimize the search engine results. (By the way: Social media marketing is another way of improving your website traffic 🙂 ).

Keywords are words or phrases that describe what your content is about. Some terms are being looked up more often than others and rank higher in search engine results. Higher ranked words increase the chances of your website being shown as one of the first results on Google or any other search engine.

Google’s keyword planner is one way to look up keywords for your niche. This tool is free and amazing for any small business owner who doesn’t have the necessary money to pay a professional. The only thing you need to do is to log in with your Gmail address.

Let’s say that you have a business coaching service and you want to improve your SEO. Google’s keyword planner suggests using the words ‘business development’ and ‘online business coaching’. While phrases like ‘best business coach’ and ‘business mentor’ score low.

By using high ranking words you improve the chances of your website showing up as a search result on any search engines.

Let’s say that you are a wedding planner in New York City and you want to improve your SEO. Google’s keyword planner shows quite a few more options for the specific location and in order to see the full list of words you need to download keyword ideas.

Even though the keyword planner is free, Google doesn’t always allow everyone to access it without jumping through hoops or even signing up for an AdWords campaign.

Stay tuned for some inside info on how to access the Keyword planner without having to give Google your credit card information.