Growing your Business with Social Media

Social Media has become more than a tool; it has become a vehicle for transporting information and creating networks. It is more than just friends connecting virtually. Through the revolution of the internet and social media, people from all over the world are able to engage with each other, do business, network, exchange information, and even learn from each other. No matter the nature of your business, you want to make it grow beyond your regular customer base and social media is the way to move forward–even when starting a new business.

Do Your Best
Life is all about staying motivated in order to follow your dreams.

The variety of websites, apps, and information on social media can be overwhelming at times, if not even dissuasive. We can easily get absorbed and lose track of time on websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Social media can be used with goals in mind, creating a community for your business without wasting hours not knowing if you have actually achieved something.

There are a few things that every business should do in order to become more attractive on social media:

  1. Summarize the purpose of your business in one sentence.
  • This helps customers see right away what you are selling and if they are interested in your product
  1. Create a clear value proposal.
  • Customers want to know your own perspective on the way you conduct business in order to see if they agree with what you do. Customers want to get to know the company and the people behind a product, especially on social media platforms.
  1. Tell your story!
  • What is it that you love about your business?
  • Why did you start it?
  • What have been the biggest challenges in your journey?

Having a clear communication strategy doesn’t need a lot of time and helps you to clarify who your perfect customer is. At the same time, it sets you up for success on social media.

For many people social media can be scary: There are applications that help you manage your social media accounts and create better content. For those of you who don’t have enough time there are Social Media Managers willing to help you to create a strategy in line with your business goals.